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Returning from the 2008 Kettenburg Regatta

Tim Chauvel closing in on 4000+ hours of renovation to one of only three aluminum K-43s ever built."
Tim Chauvel returning to the berth after exercising his aluminum K-43 LIBERTINE

K-40 owner Don Green and his crew claim “first overall” in the 30th annual McNish Classic out of Channel Islands harbor, Oxnard



According to local anecdotal history this log sat outside the now demolished Kettenburg Marine building in the Channel Islands Harbor, Oxnard.  Does anyone have any other history?


"Race Passage Knockdown" Photograph by Kenneth Ollar © Guy Hoppen. The "Gossip" 1950

The race results don't always tell the story. Below is an exert from "Swiftsure the first 50 years" by Humphrey Golby and Shirley Hewett regarding racing condition during the 1950 race:

Third across the line, Dr. Phil Smith's "Gossip" (PCC, hull #9) , easily saved her time for the overall win. It was a rare sight to watch "Gossip" literally plane down the straits as westerly gusts reached 55 knots. Patrol vessels clocked her at better than 13 knots. In one burst, as she shot out of Race Passage, an offshore blast knocked her flat in the water as the spinnaker pole snapped. Ken Ollar was right there. His memorable pictures shows crew men up to their waists in water as they struggled to free the spinnaker sheets.

From "The Journal of San Diego History" page 112 - The Gould family of San Diego

JUBILEE moored at Monterey Bay durring an especially nasty storm January of '08

John and Wendy Free enjoying a winter sail on Valentine, January 2008.  On this same day the snow level in the Mountains was down to 2000 ft. and the “Grapevine/Ridgeroute” was closed due to snow.”

2008 One More Time Regatta Sponsored by xxxxx

(more pictures in the record section)

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Attached here is a page about our boat shortly after we sailed it from San Diego to Newport Beach.  The publication that this appeared in was the Balboa Bay Club's magazine, but I'm not sure what the title was.  Since the boat was christened on November 11, 1968, this article appeared either very late in 1968 or in early 1969.
I'm not sure who was
the person on the far left whose face is not visible.  The person in front
of him was a classmate of mine, Mark Tourtelotte (I think that's how it was
spelled).  Then there's me, then my Dad, then his old Army buddy Vic
Karedakes (I'm not sure about that spelling).
christening day at the Kettenberg Boat Works on November 11, 1968 (my birthday).  The people in the picture are my father (Norman Katz), my mother (Eithne Katz), and me.

Hibernia II and me on Bahia Corinthian Yacht Club Boat
Show Day in (I'm pretty sure) 1969.  At that time, the Bahia Corinthian
Yacht Club was housed inside the Balboa Bay Club.  We belonged to both.  The
BCYC would move not long after this.  We kept our boat, though, at the BBC.
Hibernia II berthed at the Balboa Bay Club in
Newport Harbor.
Oh my goodness! That's our boat!!!  I had no idea my brother had been in touch, or that this material was on your site. Such a coincidence! I am in one of the pictures, sitting above the cabin and looking at the camera. I think Peggy is in another picture, wearing a Hawaiian type shirt and straw hat.

The boat also was on the cover of the L.A. Herald Examiner's Sunday magazine at one point. The magazine did a story on my Dad, and sent a photographer and reporter out to sail with us for the day. I still have an original copy of the magazine, somewhere in my files. The boat also was pictured in the Riverside Press Enterprise story about my Dad, under the caption "Ketch Me if You Can..." and then the explanation that it wasn't really a ketch.

In those days, lots of high profile people were involved in the Newport sailing community. John Wayne belonged to our club. He used to hang out at the club without his toupee, and went largely unrecognized. He owned a converted minesweeper, the Wild Goose. One day my Dad saw him under way in Newport harbor, and sailed Hibernia II in circles around the Wild Goose, calling out through a megaphone in a joking tone: "Hey, rich guy; throw us a beer!"

We had a little dinghy that sometimes we would tie to the back of Hibernia II, and one of us kids would "surf" through the harbor.

Am I right in thinking the hull number is printed on the sail? In the the photos, the number 21 appears on the sail.

I read the article from the newsletter. It says the boat was not all fiberglass. Very interesting!


I was most happy to run across your website and my old flame Dyad II, she was in my care and ownership at the time of the award for bristle boat at the wooden boat show held at CF Koehler’s yard in S.D..

Sorry I ever sold her to that person that allowed such a thing to happen. You may be wondering how I ran across your website, well I have been getting the digital log Mag sent to me for quite some time and seen a K38 for sale and then noticed your website in the verbiage.

It appears a lot of sails have gone missing as well. Here a couple of old photos of the Girl’s sailing in the ancient Mariners regatta, Kimberly at the helm, at that time she was CF’s girlfriend.
The where is the mark, is me and the sail maker/salesman Jeff Davis, brother to Rod Davis

I remain in service,

Yours Cordially,

Mathew J. Moen

Licensed and Bonded, Yacht & Ship Broker
USA, Florida

Tim's Boat SPREE, K-43

 kettenburg sailboat steve in his boat
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