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Sedan Cruiser, MARLIN

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Seen here is K-38 HARE MARU, hull # 14, in the 2003 Raymond E. Wallace Iron Man Race. The annual race for woodies is sponsored by the Wooden Hull Yacht Club.

SERENA is an Admiral's launch built by Kettenburg Marine during WW2 for the US Navy. She is currently (June 2003) under the stewardship of Che Bellman who is slowly but surely returning her to her former glory.

A motor sailer, SERENA carried a crew of two and was designed to also carry a number of passengers aft of the cabin/galley. She has since been fitted with structure covering over what appears to have been open to the elements. Che is still discovering what was original and what has been added since.

PCC #14
We trucked MACKINAC TIME from Los Angeles to the Concordia Yacht Yard in South Dartmouth, MA. She spent the winter indoors and is due to launch in the Atlantic in a few weeks.
Scott MacDonald

More photos of Mackinac Time just before launch at Concordia in MA.

K-38 Mist

Rick O'Connell and boatwright Keith Smith on K-38 MIST following 6 months of attention to varnish, paint, deck, cabin top, toe rails, and more.

Rick O'Connell and boatwright Keith Smith taking a leisurely broad reach in the LA Harbor.
Berthed in San Pedro MIST'S short outing on May 8. 2003 revealed porpoises, pelicans, terns, seals, and more thriving in the LA Harbor. Evidence abounds that the Clean Water Act is working to recover this body of water.