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Dorothy Kettenburg
Thanks to Tom Kettenburg for sharing these photo's with us.

Pauls Kettenburgs boat.

Below: The Kettenburg yard was just ready to launch PC #43 BLUE CHIP. Someone asked "Who is going to Christen the boat?". As there were no "girls" around... someone said, let's go down the street and get Dorothy. She's a secretary and real pretty!. So someone marched down the street and talked Dorothy (who was not in the boat business) to take a few minutes off to do them a favor. Her boss, knowing the Kettenburgs, did not object. In the center photo, Paul and his bride had been married a few months and would remain parters for over 56 years.

Mrs. Dorothy Kettenburg passed on in August of 2002. On behalf of all Kettenburg owners we express our condolences. Please know that we each carry some of the sadness away in our own seabags so that we might lighten the weight of grief this loss brings to the Kettenburg family.

PC #83 owned by Neil Atwood

David Cassie, 30+ years experience around boats as a sailor, sailing instructor, boatwright, boat builder. David recently acquaried MARLIN, a 30' Kettenburg sedan cruiser. She needs a lot of work but the areas needing attention are principally cosmetic.

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PC #18 MINX,hit the rocks next to North Island
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I just came across these and thought you would be interested. I crewed for Rick Grahalva # 43 and Bruce Wright # 23 in 1959 when I took these photos.
Howard Macken

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