K-43 Owners

Hull# 1 Boat Name MARIPOSA
Owner Ron Wolkoys Type  
Address 6038 Paseo Salinero Length 43'
  Carlsbad, CA 92009 Launch Date 1964
Phone (760) 804 9661 Berthed Oceanside, CA
Email Ron Formerly Owned By Matthew Smith
History: This boat was named Tomboy IV by Paul Kettenburg and was his boat for a time. From the time Mr. Kettenburg sold Tomboy this boat had a few owners until Matthew Smith purchased her and went through the hull, deck and interior. The boat now has a like new interior and hull. Mariposa is now in dry storage until a new toe rail, diesel and electrical system is installed.

Hull# 2 Boat Name ROWAN
Owner Iain and Celia McBride Type wood
Address Length 43'
  Vancouver, BC Launch Date 1964
Email Iain
History: The original owner was a heart surgeon from SoCal. Launched as DIASTOLI, meaning rhythmic beat of the heart. Participated in many Newport to Ensenada races as well as races up and down the coast. Second owner in Marina Del Rey changed the name to SOULMATE. Purchased in 1993 by Mark and Laurie Jones and trucked to Longbranch, WA. Cruised extensively in the PNW and down to the Baha. Won her class at the 1998 McNish Cup race in Channel Islands Harbor, cruized to Mazatlan, and returned to Longbranch, WA. Purchased in 2009 by Iain and Celia McBride and relocated to Vancouver, BC. Registered as a Canadian vessel and relaunched as ROWAN in 2010 after a full re-caulking and plank replacement at Gronlund Boatworks in Richmond, BC.

Hull# 3 Boat Name GUARDIAN
Owner Joao Francisco Sombra de Albuquerque Type wood
Address BALI International Marina Length 43'
  BALI - Indonesia Launch Date 1964
Email Joao
History: First owner John Callery, San Pedro, CA. Original name YANKEE Second owner Joao Francisco Sombra de Albuquerque 1996. Actual name GUARDIAN. Refited at Koeller Kraft in San Diego, CA. Sail to Pacific crossing in 1996, passing by Hawaii, Maquesas, Tahiti, Tuamotus, Cook Islands, Niue, Tonga, New Zealand, New Caledonia, Fiji, Vanuatu, Solomons Islands, Coral Sea, Australia, Great Reef Barrier, North Australia, West Timor, all island east of Indonesia, and now at Bali International Marina. Going to: Singapore, Malasya, Pukhet, Sri-Lanka, Maldives Islands, Red Sea, Suez Canal, Mediteranian Sea, Atlantic and arriving to it's actual home port at Maceio, Alagoas state in Brazil. The voyage is being made with a family aboard, in a cruise of 15 years at sea starting in San Diego until Maceio in Brazil.

Visit for pictures and story.

Hull# 4 Boat Name PAMPERO
Owner Robert D. Nelson Type wood

7607 N10th  Street

Tacoma, Washington 98406

Length 43'
 Phone (253) 301-3346       Launch Date 1964
Email [email protected]Robert
History: Pampero's first owner was Derek Povah, who sailed her through the Panama Canal (the certificate is still aboard). At his direction Pampero was fitted with a unique mid-boom traveler, with the track attached to a strengthened coach roof. The boom was also shortened by nearly two feet. Povah is believed to have been from Argentina, as "Pampero" means "the wind over the pampas plains." Glenn and Carol Gray were the second owners, and berthed Pampero at Peggy Slater's dock in Marina Del Rey for years before moving her to Monterey. They well preserved Pampero in her original condition, and even saved an original "Ken Watts" genoa. Robert Nelson, the third and current owner, acquired Pampero in 1991, and trucked her to his home in Gig Harbor, Washington, where Pampero received new LPU topsides paint, a new dodger, new electrical and plumbing, new rigging and was generally prepared for blue water. Pampero left Gig Harbor bound for Mexico in September of 1993. From November of 1993, when she left San Diego headed south, until November of 1994, when Pampero returned to San Francisco, not a single drop of rain fell on Pampero's deck. Pampero was one of several 43's at a Kettenburg reunion in San Diego in June of 1994, which included the PC's , 38's and 41's, as well. A highlight of the reunion, more so than first in class in the regatta, was the chance to meet and talk to Paul Kettenburg. Mexico and a summer up the river in Stockton were hard on Pampero, and she is currently being repainted with LPU at Nelson's Marine in Alameda. She has been completely wooded from toe rail to keel, which revealed only two small dark water spots at the bottom of the main chainplates, from apparently inadequate caulking at the deck at some point in the past. She will receive two new ribs, and a few sisters, before being repainted, but the "wooding" revealed her to be in exceptionally good condition.

Hull# 5 Boat Name SPREE
Owner Tim Chauvel Type alum.
Address   Length 43'
    Launch Date 1964
Phone   Berthed  
Email Tim Formerly Owned By Joe Angelo
History from Joe Angelo: Originally commissioned for Ken Watts (Protege), her hull was the first built in aluminum by Yacht Dynamics in San Diego and finished with Honduras mahogany in the Kettenburg yard. A weight saving of approximately 1300 pounds which resulted from aluminum construction was put into extra lead ballast in the keel. She differs from the other K-43s in that she has a counterbalanced spade rudder at the aft point of immersion. In her first year, Watts won the Whitney series. She still has four original Ken Watts sails.

She was subsequently purchased by V.A. Lockabey and renamed La Prensa. I have no information on that ownership.

In 1973 she was purchased by Bob Sikora and renamed Spree, her present name. Her accomplishments include a season's championship in the San Francisco Bay YRA (subsequently winning the Champion-of-Champions Race). Bob, his former wife Anne, and infant son took a 14-month cruise to the Marquesas, Tuamotu Islands and Tahiti.

I have owned her since 1988. My brother and I sailed her to Hawaii in 1990. Since then, I have mainly done Bay and coastal sailing.

Click here to see Spree sailing in the bay.

Hull# 6 Boat Name SULAIRE
Owner S. Frinell Type wood
Address 2471 Perkins Lane W. Length 43'
Seattle, WA 98199 Launch Date 1964
Phone (206) 283-3453 Berthed Elliott Bay Marina, Seattle, WA
Email S. Frinell
History: Launched as Adonis. Now Perkins Diesel Powered. Partially Rebuilt after storm damage by the Wooden Boat School Port Townand Wa. 1999. Sailed Last 5 years in NW waters.

Hull# 7 Boat Name AIKANE
Owner Morgan Bierschenk Type wood
Address 6701 Holst Rd. Length 43'
Clinton, Washinghton 98236 Launch Date 1964
Phone 3603413431 Berthed Currently cruising through Mexico and then South Pacific
History: Originally commissioned as Aikane in 1964. First owner (Jack Baskin?) sailed her to Tahiti, before donating her to University of Santa Cruz around 1970, where she was sailed back and forth to Hawaii several times. She changed owners several times and was renamed to "limelight" in the late 1980's. Somehow she got tied up with drug smuggling in Cuba and was siezed by the coast guard for several years. She was bought by Steve Copson and berthed in Oregon, before I bought her in 2007. I've renamed her back to Aikane with original homeport of San Diego.

My brother and I had her trucked to Bellingham, WA and added 50 sistered frames, a completely new interior, new Perkins engine, all new electrical/plumbing, new rigging, new blue water cockpit, etc, etc.

After almost two years of full time work, we sailed her from Port Townsend to San Diego in September 2009. Currently in San Diego and in November Monika and I will begin some open ended cruising, down through Mexico and on to the South Pacific.

Here is a web album with some pictures :-)

Hull# 8 Boat Name LORELEI
Owner Matthew Doyle
George Doyle
Type wood
Address 2530 San Clemente Length 43'
  Vista, CA 92084 Launch Date 1965
Phone (760) 685-8022 Berthed San Diego, CA
Email George Doyle

Restoration complete.

Originaly purchased by G.A. Sutton of Newport Beach, CA. in 1966 for 54,100.
This was a "sail away" price and included fuel and sail covers. Subsequently
puchased in 1986 by John Lohr of Los Angeles, CA. The boat was sailed to Key
West, Florida where it remained until August of 1996 when it was bought by
George and Matt Doyle and trucked to Koehler Kraft in San Diego for
reframing. The interior was removed and forty new frames of Ash were
laminated in place with epoxy. The subsequent work of replacing or restoring
the interior, deck, cockpit, rig, cabin sides, mouldings, toe rail, steering
gear, sails, engine, fuel and water tanks, electronics, and electrical
system has taken the last 13 years.  Take a look at the "Boatyard" page of
this website for a glimpse of some of this restoration work. 

Hull# 9 Boat Name VALENTINE
Owner John Kausek & Yolanda Perez Type wood
Address 1048 Lanier Blvd. Length 43'
  Atlanta, GA 30306-3511 Launch Date 02/14/64
History: Valentine was originally owned by the famous West coast sailor Peggy Slater, who christened her at midnight on Valentine's day 1965. Valentine was Peggy Slater's third Kettenburg, and her second Kettenburg named Valentine. Her first Valentine was a K-38, which is also featured in this registry. Peggy became the first woman to sail alone to Hawaii. Her adventures during this solo voyage in Valentine are documented in the book of her life "An Affair with the Sea", published in 1992. Valentine's second owner was Donna Davidson of San Diego, who purchased Valentine from Ms Slater's estate in August 1991. Donna often sailed Valentine single handed, raced her in the Newport to Ensenada race, and raised her son and daughter on Valentine. Valentine is adorned with a chrome plated bronze cherub figurehead whose wings wrap protectively around the bow. This figurehead also adorned Peggy's earlier K-38 when it was christened on Valentine's day 1954. Yolanda and I luckily passed Donna's strick inspection to be the new owners of Valentine in August 1998. Since Valentine has been professionally maintained and lovingly cared for throughout her life, she is in excellent condition, as attested to by her survey results. Recently, her worn nonskid was removed to reveal teak decks. Since the teak was too worn to be restored, Neptune Marine glassed over the teak, added sand nonskid pattern and painted the deck with white LP. Neptune Marine also wooded the exterior teak, and applied several coats of varnish, to which Yolanda has added several more. Thomas Marine added a second rail to both the bow and stern pulpits, fabricated gates and modified the original stantions for the second lifeline. The original bronze rings on top of the stantions were kept, but the bronze triangular bases were replaced with reinforced stainless steel rectangular bases. The winches and cleats were re-chromed. After a haulout during Thanksgiving week to replace a couple of thru-hulls and refresh the bottom paint, she should be back sailing in December in time for the parade of lights. Any additional information on the history of this fine yacht would be greatly appreciated.

Hull# 14 Boat Name ARDEN
Owner Michael & Kathryn Colgan
Type wood
Address 6520 NE Baker Hill RD
Length 43'
  Bainbridge Island, WA 98110 Launch Date, 1965
Phone 2066794397 Berthed Newport Beach, CA
History: Dawn Star was originally named Tina Too and berthed at San Diego Yacht Club until 1982.  We are the new owners of hull #14 formerly known as the "Dawn Star"

See another picture of #14 in The Photo Album along with some other great pictures!

Hull# 15 Boat Name MOOREA
Owner Tony Dunlop and Tina Earl Type wood
Address The Gables, Wilson Rd Length 43'
  Warkworth, New Zealand 1241 Launch Date 1965
Phone +64 9 4257598 Berthed Mahurangi, New Zealand
Email Tony
History: The previous owners, Spencers, sailed extensively in the Pacific for seven years. We purchased Moorea from them in late 1995. Structurally she was in poor shape with ten broken ribs under the tired Perkins 4107 engine's supports, and a broken rudder shaft. She has had a major refit this year 2000, twenty new ribs, ten just to support the lighter Volvo 29hp engine, rewired, and replumbed. There is still work to be done. She is largely original with the alterations being a spade rudder and a furling headsail. I would be very interested in learning more of her history if anyone can help.

Hull# 16 Boat Name ASDVP
Owner unknown Type wood
Address   Length 43'
  Port Ludlow, WA Launch Date 1967
Phone   Berthed Port Ludlow, WA
History: From the person submitting the registration online, "I'm not the owner but i noticed this boat up here in Washington state. I worked aboad this boat in Marina del Rey, Los Angeles in '85.

Hull# 17 Boat Name WOODY
Owner Ed O'Sullivan Type wood
Address 17114 Bernardo Oaks Drive Length 43'
  San Diego, CA 92128 Launch Date November 1965
Phone 858-774-6961 Berthed D-46 SDYC
Email Ed Formerly Owned By Bud Suiter
History: Originally owned and commissioned by San Diego Jack Murphy Stadium architect Frank Hope and brother Charles in 1965. Named "Verve". Raced extensively, including a second place in the 1968 San Diego to Cabo San Lucas Race (Frank says they were a wind shift out of first place!). Breifly owned by the Coast Gaurd in 1974 and renamed "Alphy". Purchased by architect Roy Drew in 1976. Purchased by Bud Suiter in 1996. A partner, Zeke Knight, joined the effort in 1999 to get Friendship II ready for a Transpac effort in 2001. Purchased by Ed & Katie O'Sullivan in May of 2005 and renamed "Woody".

Hull# 18 Boat Name SWIFT
Owner Peter Colebrook Type wood
Address 902 NW 58th St Length 43'
  Seattle, WA 98107 Launch Date November 1966
Phone   Berthed Seattle
Email Peter
History: Swift was originally named Vivace and kept for 30 years under one owner at the San Diego Yacht Club. She participated in many races,including the Newport-Ensenada in the late '6o's and early '70's. She also made numerous family sailing trips to Catalina Island under her first owner. Swift was re-engined with an Isuzu diesel by the original owner and still has an extensive sail inventory from her racing days. I purchased Swift in '96 and had her trucked to Seattle. New standing and running rigging was installed this past Summer, and the original spruce mast was refinished. She is in very good condition and we have sailed her on regular Summer trips to the San Juans and Canadian Islands. Swift has a tiller with a spade rudder configuration and is very responsive--sails like a dream. My family practiced spinnaker handling this Summer, with some wonderful broad reaches across the Strait of Juan de Fuca.

Hull# unknown Boat Name PIZZAZZ
Owner Charles Ball Type aluminum
Address 120 State Ave. NE #104 Length 43'
  Olympia, WA 98501 Launch Date 1967
Phone (503) 632-6682 Berthed Portland, Oregon
Email Charles
History: I purchased this boat Oct. 1997 in Seattle, WA. I do not know the hull number nor where to find the hull number. None of the materials about the boat give the hull number. I was given the documentation abstract of history listing the previous owners for the boat. I'm told by the previous owner that he met Mr. Kettenburg and discussed this boat with him. He was told that there were three aluminum 43 boats built essentially at the same time. This particular boat has been modified and updated. It has been to Mexico from the Pacific Northwest. Some of the original sails came with the boat.

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