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Norm Dawley's PCC #25 "Undine" racing on Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii
When the Fishermiss was new it was owned by a man who owned a fish market on Santa Monica Pier. He hired fishermen to run the boat. His name was Alfred Volkinhorn, nick named Curly.
FISHERMISS was sold to a new owner in 2004. We are attempting to locate the previous owner(s) and the current owner to obtain some history about the boat.

Courtesy of Mike McCorkle.

While DYAD II was receiving her annual bottom painting, a Boatwright named Jeff Logan happened to spot her name newly painted on the transon. "I wouldn't have given her a second thought," he said, "except that I noticed the name and had to stop." Turns out that Jeff apprenticed to his dad, and in 1983 helped re-do the deck and toe rail on DYAD II when she was owned by Steve Calhoun.

Jeff immediately telephoned Steve who rushed down to Eddies Marine in Wilmington to check out his old flame. The Calhouns sold DYAD II in about 1989 to Steve Tyler. The rest of the story is in the Boatyard.

Norm Dawley, and his parents Mary and Ray racing SELENE, PCC #3 in 1961 during the Wilman race on Labor Day from Pelican Bay. Photo provided by Norm Dawley.

Rosemary (Jobbins) Dawley photographed aboard UNDINE, PCC #25 in 1960 by Jim Schermerhorn, Santa Barbara News Press. Photo provided by Norm Dawley.

SELENE, PCC #3, and UNDINE, PCC #25 during the summer of 1961 or 1962 at Lady's Harbor, Santa Cruz Island. SELENE is the closer boat. UNDINE is just to SELENE's starboard. Photo provided by Norm Dawley.

UNDINE, PCC #25 1000 miles off shore during the 1975 Transpac race. Photo provided by Norm Dawley. Photo taken by Peter Schuyler, using a Leica III camera

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