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George Kettenburg Jr.
sitting in the cockpit of a PCC.

Photo curtesy of G.W. "Bill" Kettenburg III

PCC #9, GOSSIP finishing the 1951
Transpac Race in Honolulu, Hawaii.
Dr. Phil Smith, Seattle, Washington,
owner and skipper.

Photo curtesy of G.W. "Bill" Kettenburg III

DYAD II at the start of the 2007 Opening Day Race for the Los Angeles Yacht Club. The Wooden Hull Yacht Club was invited to participate. The starting gate seemed a bit crowded; so the skipper of DYAD II, Steve Barber, hung back. Then when he went across the start, the race committee boat had already changed the course # to the following race. So DYAD II took the wrong course!! HA! Itís all about the sailing anyway, isnít it?

Jean Alexander
Lark in the Background,
off the coast of Catalina Island.

The PCC in the left photo, and on the left of the right-photo is "Ransom", PCC #24,
owned by David Delo. In the right-hand photo, the boat on the right is "Antigua", PCC #5.
The photos were taken in 1972 or 1973 during the PCC National Championship race off Newport Beach.

Photo courtesy of David Delo
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