Telltale Kettenburg construction. Bent oak ribs on one foot centers. The sedan was built in 1938.

Not only is the engeineering and construction pretty to behold, but there are the details...

The Sun Harbor neighbor of the sedan was this floating "shack". This structure was the yard watchman's abode for the Kettenburg Marine.

The Kettenburg Marine yard watchman's house viewed over the transom of MARLIN.

An exterior view of MARLIN.

Looking forward at the starboard side berth

Looking forward at the port side berth.

Dandy little details like the small chains used to hold the portlights open for air circulation.

Another view.

The view aft.

The view forward

A monel galley. We suspect that a lot of fish got cleaned at this sink.

The wheel and instruments. What look to be original stampings in the wood label switches.

Here's David again checking out the 3 cyl. Yanmar. The sedan has what appears to be a "planeing" (spelling error?) deserving of another 80 or so horsepower. David is talking about locating a small block V-8 diesel here instead of the Yanmar.

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