K-38 Owners
#1 Hal Haenel
#4 Jim Ross
#6 Andy Noren
#7 Frank Weis
#8 Jim Girouard
#9 Stephen Meyer
#11 Byron Landen & David Inama
#13 Richard O'Connell
#14 Paul Bethke
#15 Nicholas & Claudine Nayfack
#16 Matt Thalman
  #17 Patrick George Guzman
#18 Steve Barber
#21 Aaron Bartlett
#22 John and Wendy Free
#23 Eli & Sarah Westinghouse
#24 James Kacirk
#25 RIP, 2006
#26 Unknown
#27 Steve Barber
#28 Tony Hernandez
#29 Les & Kathy Skrzypczak
  #30 Anton Hottner
#31 Esthevenin Christian
#32 Steve Barber
Rick Fried
#34 Eric Solem & Matt Geerdes
#37 Louise Spiva
#38 Lee and Faye Stevens
#39 Peter & Kathleen English
#40 Robin Oliver
#?   John Kehoe
#?   Risk Parker

Hull# 1 Boat Name TOMBOY
Owner Hal H. Haenel Type wood
Address 1807 Fanning St. Length 38'
  Los Angeles, CA 90026 Launch Date 1948-49?
Phone (323) 661-0606 Berthed California Yacht Club
Marina Del Rey, CA
Email Hal
History: Tomboy is the first of the K38's originally owned by Paul Kettenburg.She has recently under gone a one year restoration, refastened, caulked and painted.She has been fitted with a new Yanmar deisel and the interior has been redone. Although not original Tomboy has a teak deck
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Hull# 4? Boat Name PANACEA II
Owner Jim Ross Type wood
Address 3441 Elbow Dr. SW Length 38'
  Calgary, Alberta T2S 2J5 Launch Date 1948
Phone (403) 287-2232 Berthed Van Isle Marina D-6
Sidney British Columbia
Email Jim
History: This may be the only K-38 that is planked with Port Orford Cedar on Oak. I purchased her from David Dunning of Seattle 3 years ago and am the third owner. The boat has since been re-fastned caulked and seamed with the mast and boom returned to a bright finish. Her current crusing grounds are from Seattle to Desolation Sound.

Hull# 5 Boat Name NEPENTHE /  BLONDIE
Owner Dana and Amy Bishop
Type wood
Address 168 Old Plainfiled Pike
Length 38'
  Foster, RI 02825 Launch Date 1949
Phone 4019328720
Berthed East Greenwich, RI
History: I have been trying to re-assemble the history of Nepenthe for a few weeks now. In the late 60's Nepenthe was owned by Bill Pomeranz, the president of the K-38 Owners Association. At that time she was kept in Marina Del Rey. Bill tells us that she was a very famous boat and that he often was approached by people with fond memories and stories of Nepenthe. Apparently when he bought her down below was painted purple and she was set up for cruising.  He re-fit her for racing and spent a few happy years with her before selling her to Dick Arneson of San Diego.  From there her history is a little cloudy but at some point she was apparently bought by the Owners of Kinkos and extensively re-fit and modernized with an aluminum mast and modern rig.  At this time she also had a new engine installed and her decks
were fiberglassed and awl-gripped.  We purchsed the vessel from Ruck Goldreyer who re-named her "Blondie" and kept her in Marina Del Rey. We had her shipped to Rhode Island where she is undergoing a minor re-fit and hope to have her sailing by the coming spring on Narrangansett Bay.  We would love any further info on this boat, it seems the more we learn the more incredible the story becomes. 

Hull# 6 Boat Name SCANDIA
Owner Andy Noren Type wood
Address 324 8th Ave Length 38'
  Fruitport Mi 49415 Launch Date 1949
Phone (231) 865-6224 Berthed Grand Haven, MI
History: Purchased from Diana Tally of Port Townsend three years ago. Original owner thought to be Ericson. Brought to the northwest via truck in the early '80's. Most of its prior life was spent in San Diego.

Posted 07/04/02
"Recently trucked Scandia from Seattle Wa to Grand Haven Mi. Where I'm doing all the stripping of the exterior bright work making a new bow piece ( the fairleeds riped the mahogony toe rail off and some of the ceder planking rebuilding the companionway hatch and fitting a piece of the aft port toerail). I have the vessel on Spring Lake in front of my fathers home with a full wood shop . My plan is to have her finished by July 15th and then I'll step the mast and head north to the north channel in norther Lake Huron a lot like the San Juan Islands in Washington state . The shipping co. was Can Am, they did a great job on the 2300 mile trek with Scandia coming to Michigan withnot a scratch in her topsides also some light items I had on the shelves inside didn't even fall off. Hats off to the shipping co. "

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Hull# 7 Boat Name ECHO
Owner Frank Weis Type wood
Address PO Box 1717 Length 38'
  Arboles, CO 81121 Launch Date ?
Phone (970) 883-2622 Berthed Navajo Lake
Email Frank Formerly Owned By Donna Anderson/Arlon Johnson
History: I purchased "Echo" from Dona Anderson in July 2001 and had her trasported to Navajo Lake near Durango Colorado. She is currently going through exstensive cosmetic upgrades. I hope to hall her back to the west coast after a few years of restoration.
Previous history from Donna Anderson: I inherited Echo from the estate of Malcom "Micky" Warde January 2001. She has been partially refurbished with a new rig and Perkins 30 hp diesel in 1997. Hull and decks re-done in 1998. New sails and 2 burner Force 10 propane stove in 1999. I plan to bring her down to Port Townsend this Spring to pull her stick for paint, (it was bright). She will be offered for sale as I have another "project" I am readying for cruising.
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Hull# 8 Boat Name AMADEUS
Owner Jim Girouard Type wood
Address 1155 Market St. 11th floor Length 38'
  San Francisco, CA 94103 Launch Date 1950
Phone (415) 437-1155 Berthed Redwood City
Email Jim
amadeus   amadeus    amadeus

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Hull# 9 Boat Name SHADOWFAX
Owner Tom Nelson Type wood
Address 405 Acooma St. Length 38'
  Needles, CA 92363 Launch Date Jan. 1951
Phone (702) 767-2201 Berthed Harbour Island West Marina #835
San Diego
Email Tom Formerly Owned By Stephen Meyer
Howard Dentz
Previous History from Howard Dentz: We've owned this boat for the past 24 years. Eleven years on San Francisco Bay, 13 years on San Diego Bay. I singlehanded SHADOWFAX down the coast from S.F. to S.D. The boat handled beautifully.... particularly through a storm off Big Sur with reported winds of 60 knots and waves of thirty feet.. in heavy "sea fog".
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Hull# 11 Boat Name HARE MARU
Owner Byron Landen & David Inama Type wood
Address P.O. Box 1673 Length 38'
Clearlake Oaks, CA 95423 Launch Date 1952
Phone (707) 202-8338 Berthed Moss Landing
Email Byron Formerly Owned By Nick Lee
Robert McCoy
History: Hare Maru is currently undergoing a complete refit. See the pictures and write-up in the Boatyard. She should be ready to sail again in the summer of '01!
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Hull# 13 Boat Name MIST
Owner Richard O'Connell Type wood
Address 4525 Sherman Oaks Ave Length 38'
Sherman Oaks, CA 91403 Launch Date 1952
Phone (818) 817-7701 Berthed San Pedro
Email Richard
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Hull# 14 Boat Name K-REBEL
Owner Paul Bethke Type wood
Address Sandholt rd Length 38'
Moss Landing, CA Launch Date  
Phone 831-722-9520 Berthed Gravelles Boat Yard, Moss Landing, CA
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Hull# 15 Boat Name COQUETTE
Owner Nicholas & Claudine Nayfack Type wood
Address 940 Rosecrans Street Length 38'
  San Diego, CA 92106-3017 Launch Date 04/11/52
Phone (858) 537-0235 Berthed San Diego Yacht Club
Email Nicholas & Claudine
History: "Coquette" has had an impressive racing record, which includes winning first place in K-38 and second place overall in Kettenburg Regatta for 1999. Also, "Coquette" has participated in the Classic Boat Festival in 1998 and 1999. She is 47 years old and in excellent condition thanks to an extensive restoration in 1997 at Driscoll Boat Yard (the original Kettenburg Boat Yard).
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Hull# 16 Boat Name SHAWNEE
Owner Matt Thalman Type wood
Address 13572 Jefferson Length 38'
  Westminster, CA 92683 Launch Date  
Phone (714) 898-7643 Berthed  
History: This boat has a racing history. It is currently (summer 1999) receiving complete refastening and more. Hull # 16 is the last of the fir planked K-38s. Apparently, because of the WWII surplus fir that was used on the early K-38s some had planks which covered the full length of the boat! Watch the "BoatYard" section for history and photos.
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Hull# 17 Boat Name QUERIDA
Owner Patrick George Guzman Type wood
Address P.O. Box 723 Length 38'
  Newport Beach, CA 92661 Launch Date March 1953
Phone (949) 548-4192 Berthed Newport Bayboat
Email Patrick

the boat was destroyed 01/08 and that any salvageable parts can be located by e-mailing me via the “contact us” icon.

 Thank you.


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Hull# 18 Boat Name DYAD II
Owner Steve Barber Type wood
Address 8035 So. Lake Circle Length 38'
  Granite Bay, CA 95746 Launch Date 1953
Phone 916-847-9064 Berthed Wilmington, CA
Email Steve
History: According to Los Angeles surveyor Jim Wallace a long time owner of this boat was Ashton Castle. He was the manager of the Jonathan Club in Los Angeles, drove an Aston Martin DB5, berthed the boat at the Los Angeles Yacht Club, and apparently never let a woman set foot on the boat. Her most immediately previous owner was Steven Tyler. In need of serious repair or demolition and in the face of a variety of circumstances which prevented him from undertaking the effort and cost Steven conveyed the boat to Rick O'connell (owner of K-38 MIST) and me to either save her or part her out. We discovered that underneath her deterioration there was the making of a salvagable K-38. The story of her renovation is found in the Boatyard section of this website. As of 3/20/04 we have invested approximately $20K in this renovation and expect to splash her by April 1, 2005.

Hull# 21 Boat Name SUERTE
Owner Aaron Bartlett Type wood
Address 350 Bay Street PMB 225 Length 38'
  San Francisco, CA 94133 Launch Date 1952
Phone (415) 732-7917 Berthed Pier 39 Marina, SF CA
Email Aaron
History: Purchased the boat in 1992 from the second owner in the San Leandro Marina, CA. Recently had a complete overhaul including being refastened, rerigged, and rewired. Newly installed a Yanmar inboard, radar, autopilot, SSB, VHF, water heater, solar panel, windlass and mainsail.
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Hull# 22 Boat Name VALENTINE
Owner John and Wendy Free Type wood
Address 10756 Tujunga Cyn Blvd Length 38'
  Tujunga, CA 91042 Launch Date Feb. 14, 1954
Phone (818) 353-7223 Berthed Fleitz Brothers, San Pedro
Email John and Wendy
History: Original Valentine owned by Peggy Slater, who raced it with great success before moving on to a K-43 in 1966. Has just completed a 3-year rebuild, the hull was completely gutted, and over 50 frames were removed and replaced as well as 25 floor timbers were refastened with bronze screws. The hull was saturated with Smith's penetrating epoxy and below the waterline was caulked with 3M's 5200. The boat is back in the water and ready for her first sail this Sunday, August 1. We expect that the Valentine will sail for another 45 years!
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Hull# 23 Boat Name TOTEM
Owner Eli and Sarah Westinghouse Type wood
Address   Length 38'
  Sidney BC Launch Date 1957
Phone   Berthed North Saanich Marina
Email Eli and Sarah Formerly Owned By Bob LaTour
totem kettenburg 38History of previous owner: Obtained boat in 1991 after it had been hauled and left in the weather for eight years.  I built a building over her and for four years, replaced all ribs, wedged-glued and refastened all planks, sheathed it in epoxy, replaced the deck and beams.  Restored the cabin tops and sides, reglued the mast, replaced the cockpit, referbished the 12hp Yanmar, rewired, replaced the sails, installed a Wallis heater, replumbed etc.  She was essentially a new boat in summer of 1995.  Still looks great today.

  K-38, Totem is listed on the Kettenburg web site Registry as being built in 1957. You will note that K-38 hulls #22 - #28 were built in 1954. Peggy Slater was the KBW Sales Manager in the early 50s, and who owned K-38, hull #22, Valentine. She was an extreemly good racer, and was well known on the Southern California racing circuit. (more about her later) Also during the same time, Charlie Ross (famous Star boat, and ocean racer) was selling Kettenburgs in Seattle.(more about him later)
  Although KBW were building and designing premier sailing yachts, their strength was not sales and marketing. The majority of the boats sold after George Jr. started KBW in 1929 were fishing boats for the San Diego fishing fleet, and power boats under contract to the Navy.
  George Jr.'s idea for selling boats in the Seattle area was to have PCCs sailed to Seattle (Bill Kettenburg, Charlie Underwood, and Bud Caldwell), and then George Jr. came up and entered races (which he won), and then sold them to Seattle buyers. (the Gossip, and Hussey) Dr. Phil Smith bough the Gossip. He was the Commodore of the Seattle Yacht Club at the time. That worked, so KBW then shipped K-38's to Seattle: K-38, hull #2 Ono, 1950 owned by Dr. H.W. Day, Rebel, 1952, owned by Doug Sherwood, and Totem, hull #23, 1954. owned by Henry Kotkins. Although the K-38 was designed by Paul Kettenburg as a cruising boat (his wife's idea), they were fast, and won their class in Swiftsure. Those were the only K-38s shipped to Seattle in the 50's K-38 Thetis arrived in 1961. In 1959 KBW shipped four PCs to Seattle.
  Consider that the majority of the K-38s are accounted for, and the vast majority of them are in California. Enter the 1951 Transpac race: Peggy Slater was the Skipper of the 70' yacht L'Apache from Avalon, Catalina Island, who had Life magazine photographer Ted Sieks fall overboard. (another story) Bill Kettenburg (George Jr.'s son) and Charlie Ross were amoung the crew on PCC, the Gossip. Henry Kotkins, who was the original owner of K-38 Totem was the owner of Bergman luggage in Seattle. He bought Totem from Charlie Ross. When Henry sold Totem, he bought L'Apache, and renamed her Diamond Head. Henry has since died, as with Charlie Ross. Henry's son Skip now owns Bergman luggage, and Diamond Head. Diamond Head is kept on A dock at Shilshole Bay marina in Seattle, where she has been since Henry bought her.
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Hull# 24 Boat Name CAPRI
Owner James Kacirk Type wood
Address 2171 India St. #9 Length  
  San Diego, CA 92101 Launch Date 1954
Phone (619) 702-5748 Berthed San Diego Yacht Club
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Hull# 25 Boat Name NYMPH
Owner   Type wood
Address   Length 38'
    Launch Date Sept. 1954
Phone   Berthed  
Email   Formerly Owned By Butch Lynch
Norm Schute
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Hull# 26 Boat Name PRIMA DONNA
Owner Unknown Type wood
Address   Length 38'
    Launch Date 1954
Phone   Berthed Silver Gate Yacht Club
San Diego
History: Named Lloyd Winton owned #26 for approximately 13 years. She was sold in April of 2004 to a party in Newport Beach.

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Hull# 27 Boat Name CHELSEA
Owner Steve Barber Type wood
Address 8035 South Lake Length  
  Granite Bay, CA 95746 Launch Date Sept. 1954
Phone (916) 847-9064 Berthed Berkeley, CA
Email Steve
History: Named "RUNAWAY" while still in the jig, the original purchaser ordered but then decided against a fully varnished hull, had her painted black and named "EBONY QUEEN". One of her "custom" specs. includes a monel icebox top. Currently undergoing a complete replacement of the stern planks and transom (winter/spring/summer 1999)..... see the story in the "Boatyard" section of the webpage.
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Hull# 28 Boat Name SPARTAN
Owner Paul Type wood
Address 2284 Redlands Dr. Length 38'
  Newport Beach, CA 92660 Launch Date 1954
Berthed Marina Del Ray
History: Purchased on July 4th 1984 from Dr. Stanley Hoffman in Morro Bay, CA. All original, except for the Atomic 4 engine, and the companionway steps. There is also a locker directly across from the head. Well maintained and cared for in a traditional manner. Bright cabin sides and spars. Blue bottom paint, red bootstripe, white topsides and deck, white cockpit. Plexiglass on the escape hatch.
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Hull# 29 Boat Name DUSTER II
Owner Les & Kathy Skrzypczak Type wood
Address 16138 Vesper Rd. Length 39'
  Valley Center, CA 92082 Launch Date May 1955
Phone (760) 751-8647 Berthed Driscoll Boat Works
Email Les & Kathy Formerly Owned by Chuck Driscoll
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Hull# 30 Boat Name FLARE
Owner Anton Hottner Type wood
Address Length  
  Launch Date May 1955
Phone Berthed
wild wild wild wild
History: Purchased Flare in May of 1998 from a couple who was living aboard her in Sausalito. She had no motor, a cracked and delaminated mast, and had not been away from the dock under her own power in over 20 years. I have restored the mast, replaced the rigging, and installed a new Yanmar. Began her new life with a sail on 5/14/01. Next will be some attention to her frames, ribs and hull.
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Hull# 31 Boat Name FLAMBUOYANT
Owner Esthevenin Christian Type wood
Address 4 imp du Rondon Length 38'
  06 410 Biot, France Launch Date 1955
Phone (33) 0608535141 Berthed  
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Hull# 32 Boat Name BANANAS
Owner Steve Barber Type wood
Address 8035 South Lake Length 38'
  Granite Bay, CA 95746 Launch Date Jan 16, 1956
Phone (916) 847-9064 Berthed Neptune Marina, Marina del Rey
Email Steve Formerly Owned By David Feinstein
Fred Udall
History: First owner- Fred Udall, "Tally Ho", kept on a mooring off the Santa Barbara Yacht Club, before there were many slips in Santa Barbara Harbor.

David Feinstein purchased boat October 10, 1958, renamed "Daneda" till 1983, when renamed "Bananas". Raced and cruised from Ensenada to Santa Barbara. Won National Championships 1964,65,73,74&75.

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Hull# 33 Boat Name CLEARWATER
Owner Rick Fried Type wood
Length 38'
  Marina Del Rey, CA 90292 Launch Date 1956
Berthed Marina Del Rey, CA
History: Was named "Old Friend"  owned by the "Catalina Experience" donated to them by David Daugherty. Repowered with an Atomic 4.

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Hull# 34 Boat Name REWARD
Owner Eric Solem & Matt Geerdes Type wood
Address 452 1/2 Orange Ave. Length 38'
  Coronado, CA 92118 Launch Date May 12, 1956
Phone (619) 828-9628 Berthed Fiddlers Cove Marina
Email Eric Formerly Owned By John Morley
Michael & Megan Breid
History: Negotiated by Peggy Slater and built for Natalie Bredin in 1956, owned by George Wheeler, McBried family, and Morley family. Recently refinished the cabin sides, cockpit, and hatches, striped paint and applied varnish, Reward looks fantastic.
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Hull# 37 Boat Name CARAVEL

Louise Spiva

Type wood
Address Santa Rosa, CA Length 38'
Phone  (707) 695-1420 Launch Date 1957
Berthed Richmond, CA.
History: Louise Spiva (formerly Lanaras) has owned this boat since 1987. It is in need of repair and Ms. Spiva is currently looking for someone willing to purchase her who would love to renovate and restore the Caravel to her original beauty.
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Hull# 38 Boat Name CAPER
Owner Lee Stevens Type wood
Address 854 North Idaho St Length 38'
  San Mateo, CA 94401 Launch Date Dec. 1957
Phone (650) 375-1619 Berthed San Leandro Marina
San Leandro, CA
Email Lee
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Hull# 39 Boat Name CHORUS
Owner Peter & Kathleen English Type mahogany on oak
Address 104 Southern Hts Blvd. Length 38'
  San Rafael, CA 94901 Launch Date 1958
Phone (415) 456-8355 Berthed Schoonmaker Marina, Sausalito, CA
Email Peter and Kathleen
History: Planked from on log with cuts lined up as in the tree, launched as Foil and sailed actively all over west coast until abandoned in 1977. In 1979 we acquired #39, completely restored and renamed her Chorus. She has amassed a wonderful racing record since to include winning PHRF class in a number of major Northern California classics (Vallejo, Lightship, Farallones, Windjammers, Cal Coastal to S. Barbara, and Master Mariners), capped with 2nd class, 5th fleet in 1996 Pacific Cup Race to Oahu. Partially rebuilt in 1979, 1985, 1992 (Perkins diesel and carbon fibre spade runner), and 1996 in preparation for the race to Hawaii. Currently Chorus is the flagship of Master Mariners Benevolent Association of San Francisco
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Hull# 40 Boat Name SEA WING
Owner Robin & Donna Oliver Type mahogany on oak
Address Length 38'
  Maina Del Rey, CA 90292 Launch Date 1959
Phone Berthed Marina Del Rey

History: Owned Sea Wing since 1984. She was in great shape when I bought her and she still draws compliments every time I take her out. Haven't had to do much more than routine maintenance of hull and brightwork. Believe she is on her third engine...she had a 12 hp one-cylinder BMW (?Hotz?)when I got her. Nipple on the sea water intake broke off just outside the Marina del Rey breakwater one evening and with swells pushing me toward the rocks I had to keep her going as long as possible. End of story, end of engine. Replaced with a 2 cylinder Yanmar with 50% more horsepower.

Purchased in June 2008 from Victor Wortman who owned her since 1984.

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Hull# ? Boat Name ?
Owner John Kehoe Type wood
Address #5 Mill Ave. Length 38'
  Whitefish, MT 59937 Launch Date  
Phone (406) 862-2492 Berthed Richmond, CA

Hull# ? Boat Name DESIREE
Owner Risk Parker Type wood
Address   Length 38'
    Launch Date  
Phone   Berthed Coronado Yacht Club

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