October, 2007

Greetings to current and former PCC owners, and friends:

  WHAT'S NEW:"Undine", PCC #25 has been "found". The current owner is Gene Beville, who is a member of the  Anacapa Yacht Club, Oxnard, Ventura County, California (near the Channel Islands). "Undine" is reported to be in the water, and sailing. I am attempting to make direct contact with Mr. Beville, and I will report any new information. "Undine" has been added to the Los Angeles Area Fleet roster.Current Restorations:

  Archie Contreras is making excellent progress on "Ballerina", PCC #12. See pictures of the beautiful blue hull on the Kettenburg web site (
www.kettenburgboats.com). At last report, Archie was refinishing the mast. His next project after that is to apply a teak deck. Archie will write an article on his restoration with pictures when he is finished, which will be posted on the Kettenburg web site.Jim Conachen now has "Belle of the West", PCC #19 in a shed at his home, and is beginning his restoration project.  Jim is the same person you read about in Wooden Boat magazine and Latitude 38 that has done the many restorations on Folk Boats. "Belle" will be kept in Puget Sound when she is finished, where Jim and his wife are planning on cruising throughout the San Juan Islands.I traveled to Maine a few weeks ago is meet Les Parritt, and to see "Cyane", PCC #17 on behalf of the Classic Yacht Foundation. Les is donating "Cyane" to the Classic Yacht Foundation, who is currently evaluating the total restoration of the boat, pending recent events effecting the boat's structure. "Cyane" is significant to the heritage of yachting history. Henry B. duPont was the original owner, and she has a race record on the East Coast and Europe. The restoration would take place in Port Townsend, Washington.

  For Sale:"Kachina", PCC #23. "Kachina" placed 2nd in the 2007 PCC National Championship, and is sailed regularly. Contact Mark Milinich at (301) 392-7686 or
[email protected]"Malaguena", PCC #18. "Malaguena" is currently waiting restoration. Contact Jules Doyle at [email protected]

  In the News: Chris Museler, "Totem", PCC #14 wrote an article published in the October Sail Magazine about Star Boats. It's a great article that you should read. Chris has articles published in Classic Yacht magazine (published in London) on a regular basis. Chris has also had boating articles published in Wooden Boat magazine, and the New York Times newspaper.Jack Sutphen has just finished writing "Messing About in Boats", a book about his life long sailing experiences.  For those of you that don't know Jack, he is inducted into the America's Hall of Fame, he is a member of the San Diego Yacht Club, and he has won the PC National Championship six times. Jack is a person Steve Barber calls "a sailor's sailor". The Classic Yacht Foundation is the publisher. A couple of booking signings are tentatively planned in San Diego in early December. I will let everyone know the dates and locations of the book signings in the near future.

  PCC Registry:I am going to send the current up-dated history and racing information I have to the Kettenburg web site Web Master in the near future. Anyone with any additional current information or pictures should send them to me at
[email protected] on...............Neil

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