K-38 #23, HARE MARU

HARE MARU has experienced an "on again/off again" series of re-conditions. Here she is shown shortly after having been hauled by her new owner, Nick Lee.
A port side view of HARE MARU as her bottom is feeling the touch of the scraper..
As part of one of her "almost reconditions" HARE MARU enjoyed the attention of longtime wooden boatwright and Kettenburg apprenticed, Arturo, who replaced her cabin bulkhead, cockpit sole, and cockpit seats.
An experienced racer of Melges designed sailboats Nick's father tied him to the mast of the family racer when he was 3 years old so that he wouldn't get washed overboard!!! HARE MARU is Nick's first woodie. However, both his father, Arthur, and his grandfather have owned woodies.
These shots show the impact of a long exposure to the "weather side" in a berth without periodically rotating the hull toward the sun. The topsides paint on the "weather side" peeled off with very little effort while the topsides paint on the port side or the side away from the weather stuck fast.
This is a closer view of the weather side showing the impact of long exposure to the sun.
This is the port side, the side away from the weather for most of HARE MARU's time in her berth since her last paint job.
The Douglas Fir use in the k-38 hull #s through 14 was left over from WW!! and destined to become decking for aircraft carriers. It is incredible. HARE MARU's previous onwer had done a lot of sistering previously so that only a couple of ribs needed Nick's attention.
Here is the look of HARE MARU after a week on the hard and her first coat of primer.