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As titled above, we hope to use The Log to post ancedotal stories Kettenburg owners might want to share. If you have a good story or something to report to the rest of us, please Submit for posting.

David Feinstien is the one who told me about this Website. I saw him the other day and he knew more about my boat than I did. He says that while racing in Newport, two K-38's tangled in the rigging aloft, and it was #28's mast that came down, and that it was replaced by Kettenburg Marine. David could not remember what year the incident took place, surely, many years before I took ownership. Also.... #28's original name was Shinnanigan, and when I found her, she was named Respite. I named her Spartan. OK then, I will be in touch after I get back. Submitted: 08/07/99
Tony Hernandez

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