*RECALLING SOUTHWIND (WB6348), by Mike McCorkle*

Ed. Note: Mike McCorkle of Carpinteria is a commercial fisherman of 50 years. He has chronicled the life of a variety of fishing boats and their ownership. He has a particularly good collection of information and photos of Kettenburg fishing boats. Please see the entry on the RECORD section of this site entitled .......... This is one such memory recorded by Mike in January of 2001:

"I remember this boat because of some things that happened to it in San Diego. Her owners at the time were Mike and Ed. Mike and Ed were partners and nice men who lived on the boat. Ed always talked on the radio- never Mike. They kept the boat first class.

Star and Crescent towboat for a while painted the lower wheelhouse of all the tugs yellow. The SOUTHWIND painted the lower cabin yellow but a darker shade. I painted the lower cabin of my Monterey ROSE MARIE yellow. It must have been a fad. I thought that it looked good after seeing those tugs all the time.

SOUTHWIND had one of the first enclosed flying bridges on a Kettenburg. It was built by Clarence Eaton of the ANGAT, and Ed and Mike. ANGAT built one first and they tied up to him.

SOUTHWIND was sold to Lonnie (I forget his last name) a retired San Diego fireman who built the cabin that is on it now. He copied Charlie White who did the same thing to the Kettenburg KITTIE LEE. I know that the boat was sold at least three more times before it ended up where it is now."

( dear reader: please note that photos of SOUTHWIND are included in the collection of fishing boat photos located elsewhere in the RECORD section of the webpage)

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