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Hi Rish:

Thank you so much for writing to me about the PC! I understand you have communicated with the new owner, Neil Atwood, since he bought the boat from me last week. I have owned the boat since 1983, and it was a rather sad day when she sold. He seems like the type of person that will keep her in good shape and sailing.

I named the boat WOOD BOAT since it is a wood boat and my last name is Wood. I only found out a couple years ago that TACK was the original name. I don't know if Neil will change the name, but if he does, I hope it goes back to TACK. There was no name on the boat in 1983, and no paperwork on board of previous owners or names.

I knew #83 was one of the last ones built, but didn't know it was the last one. It was built in 1959. I really don't know anything about the previous owners, as I bought her from a broker and never met the owner. I have done a lot of casual racing with the Windseekers here at Tyee Marina in Tacoma, WA. We won a lot of 1st place trophys! I have worked at Tyee for over 25 years and there is only one other PC that has moored here. I will call the owner and give him your email address. Hopefully he will get in touch with you.

WOOD BOAT is in excellent shape. There were 21 broken or cracked frames when I got her and those were sistered in 1983. Since then, I had the deck epoxied, refinished the mast, had a new boom and spinnaker pole made, and have painted, painted, and varnished and varnished. Of course, it was all a labor of love. I haven't been doing much sailing in the last couple years and decided I needed to sell her so she could be out sailing again. It was a hard decision to make, but the right one.

I will attach a recent photo of WOOD BOAT and will look for some of her out sailing. I live on a boat at the marina so a lot of pictures are in storage and it may take some time to find them. When and if I do, I will send copies to you.

Thank you again for writing. I wish I had known more about the PCs in the 19 years I have owned her. I appreciate knowing now.


Margaret A. Wood

Hi Margaret!
I Can't tell you how pleased I am that you took the time to write. Thanks for your detailed information. I will add it to the PC history file. Yes, I have "spoken" (read email) to Neil several times. He, too, has been helpful. The photo you sent is beautiful. WOOD BOAT is certainly a charmer. I was intrigued by the curve of the coaming. It is unlike the other post war boats that were built in SD. Leads me to ask it it was replaced over the years, or if that is how the Seattle yard finished them in the '50s. I will have to go look at #81, owned by friends, and see if it is similar.

You are probably unaware that the 70th (yes 70th!!) PC Nationals will be held this weekend at the SDYC. I expect to see 13-15 boats at the line.

The club has asked me to do a PC web page to link to the club web site..if I ever get around to it, I will post the history stuff on the page. Right now, I am keeping the Kettenburg Web site as informed as I am able. The owner of the site, Steve Barber, is a WONDERFUL guy who has 2 K-38's and a number of other woodies in various stages of repair. I hope you have seen his site. .

The boat my wife and I sail is #63. PUFF was built in 1947 and I restored her in 1998. She has won a number of "Best Of" awards and is (pardon my pride...) beautiful. Pls look for her at the site in the PC Registry. I recently gave #8 to the SD Maritime Museum and she is being restored for them. I also have numbers 16, 25 and 59 as well and they are badly in need of restoration and on the hard. #59 is in the water...but barely.

In any case, I do appreciate your kindness in responding. Please do think of me, should you find any more photos. My intention is to save all am able and to make them available to the fleet members or those of interest. Any PC "facts" or awards will be recorded as well. It is a labor of love for me. Again, I can not tell you how appreciative I am that you took the time to write and add to the history records.

Warm regards,


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