Paul Kettenburg Interview
January 3-4, 2002

Paul Kettenburg

Left to right: K38 owner Scott Wild, Tom Kettenburg, Paul Kettenburg, Rish Pavelec (Steve Barber was taking the picture). This was the scene of the initial half of about 4 hours of a video taped interview of Mr. Kettenburg about boats, designs, the boat business, and San Diego boating history. The interview was conducted on January 3 & 4, 2002.

Paul Kettenburg

Well, it finally happened.... we did the video interview with Paul Kettenburg!!! We have about 4 hours of tape and a bunch of still photos. The scene included his office on day one and the San Diego Yacht Club on day 2. K38 owner Scott Wild did the professional camera work. We will keep you posted on the eta of an edited tape.

Mr. Paul Kettenburg, photographed next to an oil painting of his
K-38 hull #1, TOMBOY.

Paul Kettenburg and Tom Kettenburg, Paul's son, for whom the K-38 was named.

The "kettenburgboats" website originator and owner of K-38 hulls 27 and 32, Steve Barber, is pictured here with Paul Kettenburg.

K-38 #30 owner Scott Wild volunteered his video equipment, his time, and his professional degree'd experience in photography as the videographer for the videotaped interview with Paul Kettenburg.

Also present for the duration of the interview and asking a lot of questions about the history of PCs was Rish Pavelec, pictured here with Paul, Tom and Scott.

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