pcc mast pcc mast

PCC mast.  Needs rebuilding but will save you at least $30,000 compared to the price of a new one.  $5,000 and will deliver for price of fuel and expenses.


Steve Barber

[email protected]


FOR SALE: K-38 parts

*2 masts
*2 booms
*head door
*fuel tank
*port & s’brd cabin sides
*1 set cockpit combings
*2 sets of chain plates
*2 cabintop mast opening surrounds
*2 prop shaft/tiller shaft strut assemblies

          Call: Steve Barber (916)847-9064

Publication: The Kettenburgs:San Diego Yacht Builders



WANTED: Looking for four of this type of stanchion base. Anyone with any information as to where I could find these please contact me.

Contact: Archie at (916) 601-2390

Bristol Services Co.
Gary Croan, BSME
711 W. 17th St.
# F 11
Costa Mesa, CA 92627
(949) 722-1122

The US supplier for Resorcinol, called Aerodux 500:
CP Industries
11047 Lambs Lane
Newark, OH 43055
(740) 763-2886
(740) 763-2888 fax

RED LEAD primer...
The only source we know of for real red lead primer:
George Kirby, Jr. Paint Co.
163 Mt. Vernon St.
New Bedford, MA 02740
(508) 997-9008

OLD marine hardware
We ran into this fellow at a couple of marine swap meets. He has a decent
selection of standing and running rigging pieces.
Nathan (Nate)
After 6 pm.

Looking for a fitting for dock lines that looks like this.
Contact Rish

FaMet ReeFurl Sail Handling Systems
Manufacturers of the legendary "BULLETPROOF" FaMet ReeFurl Sail Handling System for jib and main sails. Located in the USA but ship worldwide.

WANTED: Two stanchions to fit K-38. Chromed bronze, two piece (three hole pad with attached upright), round, tapered bottom to top with eyelet on top, approximately 18 inches.
Contact: Norm Schute at (619) 299-3432

WANTED: Three (3) original Kettenburg fuel vent covers, any condition. The chromed bronze mushroom looking cover over the fuel tank vent/tubing. If anyone has some to sell or knows where we can get one.
Contact: Daniel & Carol Ryan