Ventura Boatyard gets 'Thumbs Up' from PCC #1

Well, it took some time, (6 weeks) but "Eulalie" is back in the water and staying in Ventura Harbor... I was finally forced into getting a survey by the insurance co., but it went very well with only a few recommendations... I wooded the bottom and added around 1000 new fasteners, repaired some butt blocks and poor plank edges, new transducers and fairings, sistered a few frames, (under the tank), and did a total repaint rails to keel. It took 2x as long as expected, got 1/2 as much done as expected, and I haven't totaled it up yet but I'm sure it's much more than expected. All in all though, I had a good time on the project... I would like to highly recommend to any owner/workers that the Ventura Harbor Boatyard was a terrific experience. Their prices were more than reasonable, (1.00/ft lay day fee for the 1st 15 days, next 15(16) free!) that came out to $23.00 a day for "Eulalie"... Haul/Launch $184.00 (4.00/ft) etc. My entire yard bill with some misc. supplies from their small chandlery came to $1250.00! I thought it would have been much higher for all the time I spent there. I also lived on board while in the yard, (showers, etc available) so the cost of a motel was dismissed. Each workspace has water, air, and power. The Harbor and the City of Ventura are most pleasant, and really the reason that I decided to stay North... (The sailing is much better also). The staff @ the yard are pleasant and helpful, the resident shipwright is quite good, (although quite busy with 2 large restoration projects).