MIST gets ready for the summer of 2004

Posted: April 27, 2004

K-38 # 13, MIST, owned by Rick O'Connell was hauled out in early April of 2004 for routine maintenance and to take care of some unfinished business more readily accomplished "on the hard". Here, the crew at Colonial Boat Yard in Wilmington (near the Hwy. 47 Trestle) prepare to unstep the mast.

The mast was pulled to facilitate the application of 6 additional coats of varnish.

At Colonial the hands are so competent it all appears to be just "matter of fact."

Boatwright Keith Smith is behind the camera but soon will be sanding this stick while the railway cradle is being fitted to MIST.

Initial stage of railway extraction requires centering the boat over the cradle.

Boat gets partially hauled to check out initial alignment with railway cradle.

Watching the yard workers and Joe ..... do this confirms that they have so much experience that few words are ever exchanged.

So she's centered on the cradle, and the haul begins.

This photo shows the hull out of the water with the keel yet to emerge.

Weight is slightly forward with bow of the boat resting on an elevated table which was put in place during the process of fitting the cradle. Everything is adjustable later so as to accommodate bottom painting and access to the hull for repairs. MIST needed no repairs to her bottom.

Fully exposed now, MIST is seen here almost at the top of the railway ramp.

How do you like the color of her hull? Keith Smith's roll and tip skills leave one wondering whether the topsides were actually sprayed. The color is just like you would have seen a lot of in the 50's. Sea foam green, aqua blue, '56 Chevy turquoise, Cheseapeake green or whatever you want to call it, the color is phenomenal and adds to the already classic line and character of Kettenburg's 38.

Here MIST is being winched into her spot so the work can begin. Does the color of her hull match the sky or what???