Haul Out for Flare

Well, Haul out time is here again. I needed to address some leaking seams so I begged my wife for a week of 14hr days (turned into 10 days), borrowed some money from my Dad (who loves the boat), and set out to re-caulked the bottom.

I hauled at the Berkeley Marine Center. I cant say enough about this yard. located in the Berkeley Marina, They are the most WOODEN BOAT knowledgeable and friendly yard I have seen. Owned by Cree and Julie Partridge (www.berkeleymarine.com) they have developed a true haven for wooden boat enthusiasts.

I worked with David Cassiee of Coastal Classics, a master boatwright mentioned in the boatwright section of this site. We examined the bottom and determined that a few planks needed some fasteners, and a few seams needed to be re-caulked. Overall, we were very happy with the condition of the bottom.

As I began reefing out the seams, the boat began to dry out a little, and more and more seams started to open. 90% of the seams were original whitelead and linseed oil. They came out very easy and I ended up reefing out the entire bottom.

A few fasteners along the starboard keelson and I began corking the open seams with cotton. Having the correct tools is a necessity, and I owe a great deal of thanks to Steve Barber for the loan of a complete set of original tools.

I payed the seams with Life Caulk, and slapped on a few coats of bottom paint. Black for the boot stripe, and back in the water she went.

10 days of VERY HARD work, and a few hundred dollars and she is tight as a drum!