November, 2008

Greetings to current and former PCC owners, and friends:


"Building Kettenburgs: Premier Boats Built and Designed in San Diego".

The book was written by Mark Allen, edited by Andy German, and co-published by the Maritime Museum of San Diego, and the Mystic Seaport Museum. The book is now scheduled to be at the Maritime Museum of San Diego by December 12th. This book is a Òmust haveÓ for anyone interested in Kettenburg boats, or classic yachts in general. Plus, it would make a great gift!

This book is a very high quality "coffee table" style book, much like Olin Stevens' book. The book is being sold for $50. You can purchase the book from the Maritime Museum of San Diego at, or by calling 619-234-9153, or from the Mystic Seaport Museum at, or by calling 860.572.0711

There will also be links to purchase this book on the Kettenburg Boat Owners Association web site, and the Classic Yacht Foundation  web site

Book Signing/Book Launch:

There will be a book signing, and a launch of the book "Building Kettenburgs: Premier Boats Built and Designed in San Diego" at the Maritime Museum of San Diego on December 17th. from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM. Mark Allen will be signing books purchased at this event.

Individuals that made contributions to this book that included research, pictures and historical information will also be attending this event. Theses individuals include Bill Kettenburg, Tom Kettenburg, Morgan and Jean (Kettenburg) Miller, Jack Sutphen, Bud Caldwell, Gene Trepte, Rish Pavelec, Steve Barber, Bob Kyle, and myself.


PCCYRA annual election of officers for 2009.

The annual voting by current PCC owners for Members of the Board will take place in early December. Any current PCC owner that wants to nominate themselves, or nominate another current PCC owner should contact any current Board member as soon as possible. Anyone wanting to be a Fleet Captain, or Fleet Secretary-Treasurer can contact any current Board member.

The current 2008 Board Members, and Fleet Captains are listed below.

Neil Atwood: President
David Rice: Vice President
Archie Contreras: Secretary-Treasurer

San Diego Fleet: David Rice: Fleet Captain
Los Angeles Area Fleet: Jean Alexander: Fleet Captain
San Francisco Bay Fleet: Archie Contreras: Fleet Captain
Pacific Northwest Fleet: Neil Atwood: Fleet Captain, Jim Conachen: Secretary-Treasurer
East Coast Fleet: Alex Prato: Fleet Captain


(3) Mustang off shore pfd's with tethers: $100 each (purchased 8 months ago, at $425 each)

(1) Canvas that can be raised by the main topping lift that provides complete coverage from sun, etc. for the entire cockpit: $75 (all materials cost roughly $1,000)

(1) Standard Horizon HX270S submersible hand held VHF: $65 (purchased 8 at months ago, $215)

150%, and 170% U.S. Sail Genoa: $400 each (completely overhauled and found to have no rips, or blemishes, approx.. 8 years old, but never used, as the previous owner and myself never sailed in such light air.

Contact Josh Berglund  at [email protected] or (714) 292-7572 for the gear mentioned above. Equipment located in San Francisco.

Kettenburg Burgee: High quality white nylon with Kettenburg logo (red "K" in a red simi-circle) $30.00 Contact Steve Barber at [email protected] or (916) 847-9064

Original PCC equipment from PCC #18:
Mast w/ standing rigging $3,500
boom $750
winches, deck hardware, etc. TBA
Contact Steve Barber at [email protected] or (916) 847-9064 Equipment located in Los Angeles.


BALLERINA, PCC #12 (Archie-San Francisco Bay Area Fleet), BELLE OF THE WEST, PCC #19 (Jim-Puget Sound Area Fleet). Alex is having work done on JANLEY, PCC #14 (East Coast Fleet) by Jim Titus at Mt. Hope Boat Works in Newport, Rhode Island, before transporting her to southern France later next year.

I hope to see you at the Maritime Museum of San Diego on December 17th, and I hope everyone has a great holiday season.

Until next time, sail on................