July/August, 2008
> Greetings to current and former PCC owners, and friends:
> "Building Kettenburgs: Premier Boats Built and Designed in San Diego".
> The book was written by Mark Allen, and is being co-published by the
> Maritime Museum of San Diego, and the Mystic Seaport Museum. The book is
> now scheduled to go to the printer sometime soon, and should be available
> for purchase in about 90 days.
> This book will be a very high quality "coffee table" style book. I have
> read most of the draft copy of this book, and it will be a "must have" for
> anyone interested in Kettenburg boats, or classic yachts in general. I
> assume there will be a book launch at the Maritime Museum of San Diego.
> I'll keep you posted.
> Now that the remodel of the bar area in the San Diego Yacht Club is
> finished, there are now pictures and half models of each Kettenburg sail
> boat class built, all along the wall, at the end of the bar. The picture
> used for the PCC is EULALIE under full spinnaker. Very cool!
> George Kettenburg Jr. Documentary:
> Since publishing Jack Sutphen's book (the Second Edition will be released
> in September), the Classic Yacht Foundation's latest project is producing
> a documentary film about George Kettenburg Jr. The working title of the
> film is "George Kettenburg Jr.- The Genius of Kettenburg Boat Works".
> The emphasis will be on PCs and PCCs. The Classic Yacht Foundation (CYF)
> is seeking written and published articles, stories, pictures, boat
> history/race records, and any other information to potentially be included
> in the documentary. Please contact me if you think you have something of
> interest at: [email protected]
> KACHINA, PCC #23. This boat has a current survey done by a well respected
> Marine Surveyor, that is familiar with wooden boats. KACHINA was sailed
> from LA to San Francisco earlier this year, where she is currently
> located. KACHINA is priced for a quick sale at $45,000. Contact Joshua
> Berglund for details at [email protected], or (714) 292-7572
> Kettenburg Burgee: High quality white nylon with Kettenburg logo (red K in
> a red simi-circle)
> $30.00 Contact Steve Barber at [email protected]
> PCC Parts from PCC #18: Mast, boom, standing rigging, winches, deck
> hardware, etc.
> Contact Steve Barber at [email protected]
> PCC Yacht Racing Association Hats: Navy blue hat with embroidered PCC logo
> (red PCC in a red simi-circle) with red Yacht Racing Association below.
> Must be worn while racing/ sailing a PCC or an equally fast boat, at all
> yacht clubs, and while driving or riding in a fast car.
> $25.00  Contact me at [email protected]
> BALLERINA, PCC #12 (Archie-San Francisco Bay Area Fleet), BELLE OF THE
> WEST, PCC #19 (Jim-Puget Sound Area Fleet). Alex is also having work done
> on JANLEY, PCC #14 (East Coast Fleet) in Newport, Rhode Island, before
> transporting her to southern France later this year.
> Kettenburg Regatta:
> Congratulations to David Rice and his PCC  SELENE for winning 1st Place in
> the Kettenburg Regatta PCC Class for the second year in a row!
> The Kettenburg Regatta was held June 8th in San Diego, hosted by the
> Ancient Mariners Sailing Society. The regatta was a great success, with a
> large turnout. The Race Committee did an excellent job with the addition
> of on the water judges at the turning marks. Both Bill Kettenburg (George
> Jr.Õs son) and Tom Kettenburg (Paul's son) attended the awards ceremony
> held at the South Western Yacht Club.
> PCC Nationals:
> The PCC National Championship was not held during the Kettenburg Regatta
> this year because two of the owners entered had last minute conflicts in
> their schedules, and could not attend. We look forward to holding the PCC
> Nationals again next year in San Diego during the Kettenburg Regatta.
> Jessica Cup:
> With four PCCs now located in the San Francisco Bay area (ANTIGUA,
> BALLERINA, KACHINA, and ROBIN), Terry Klaus, Staff Commodore of the St.
> Francis Yacht Club, and Peter English of the Master Mariners Benevolent
> Association have graciously agreed to allow the San Francisco Bay Area PCC
> Fleet Championship to be held in conjunction  with the Jessica Cup being
> held October 18th and 19th. The Jessica Cup is co-hosted by the St.
> Francis Yacht Club, and the Master Mariners Benevolent Association.
> Slips for boats entering the Jessica Cup will be available at the St.
> Francis Yacht starting Friday evening. There will be two races on
> Saturday, with a dinner for all crew members that evening. There will be
> one race on Sunday, with an awards presentation that evening. PCCs will
> race in the 40'+ marconi rig class, and there will be a handicap rating
> system in effect.
> I encourage all current and former out of town PCC owners to attend this
> event. I'm sure the local owners would love to have out of town PCC owners
> as crew. Any current or former owners from out of town that are planing on
> attending should contact me, and I'll help with the arraignments.
> There really is nothing more satisfying than the feeling you get from
> taking your PCC out, and heading into the wind in a stiff summer breeze,
> with flat water.
> Until next time, sail on................
> Neil