SINCE OUR last Log appeared, several very interesting events have taken place in the San Diego Yacht Club.

  Mr. E. Schmidt has just returned to San Diego, after being away for nearly two years, and expects to spend the winter. A luncheon was given in his honor, at which he told of his many interesting experiences since last being here. Mr. Schmidt has joined the San Diego Yacht Club and has expressed his intention of
getting One of the new One-Design boats.

   On Friday, January 31, Commodore Darby called a meeting of the members to discuss the various yacht club sites on San Diego Bay. Thomas King gave a very complete report on the three Locations under observation. They are : Glorietta Bay, Coronado, where our main clubhouse is at the present time; Roseville, in the vicinity of our present clubhouse and pier Number Two, and
Fort Rosecrans, which is controlled by
the Government and is about two miles south of our present Roseville station. The meeting was well attended and everyone joined in the discussion. As a result, many good points were brought out both for and against the various sites.

  For the past two years, San Diego has been attempting to establish a new One-Design Class, somewhat larger than the Star and yet not as large nor as expensive as the Six Meter Class. A great deal of time and energy have been spent on this, but we didn't seem to be getting very far, until about thirty days ago, when George Kettenburg of the Kettenburg Boat Works decided that, regardless of what anyone else thought or did, he was going to build a boat of his own design as a sample.

   Those who know George realize that when he makes up his mind to do anything, he does it. It wasn't long before the band-saw began to hum and the wood began to fly.

   George now has the boat within ten days of completion and a great deal of interest is being shown in it. The following are the dimensions of the adjoining sail plan, which I believe will make an ideal boat for a One-Design racing class :
   L. 0. A. 31.8 feet.
   L. W. L. 21 feet.
   Beam 6.6 feet.
   Draft 4.6 feet.
   Height of mast 37 feet from deck.
   Boom 16 feet.
   Total sail area 345 feet.

   This boat will be copper fastened throughout, with oak ribs and mahogany.
planking.  It will have two permanent bunks in the cabin, a large open cockpit and a permanent backstay.
  From the dimensions you will see that this boat will be able to compete in the San Diego Lipton Cup Race held every year at the annual Southern California Yachting Regatta and will also have accommodations enough for short cruises.
  To date we have five men who have expressed their intention of getting one of these boats.