April, 2009

Greetings to current and former Kettenburg PCC owners, and friends:


Chris Museler has written an excellent two page book review of “Building
Kettenburgs: Premier Boats Built and Designed in San Diego” that appears
in the May/June issue of Wooden Boat magazine. May thanks to Chris for
doing that. Chris and his wife Kara are the former owners of JANLEY, PCC

This book is a “must have” for any Kettenburg boat owner. It is a very
high quality “coffee table” style book, much like Olin Stevens’ book.
The book is being sold for $50. You can purchase the book from the
Maritime Museum of San Diego at www.sdmaritime.com, or by calling
619-234-9153, or from the Mystic Seaport Museum at
www.mysticseaport.org, or by calling 860.572.0711


Archie Contreras reports that the restoration on BALLERINA, PCC #12 is
scheduled to be completed by this June. Archie has made every effort to
raise the bar with regard to restoration excellence and quality of
craftsmanship. BALLERINA has a beautiful blue hull, and she will have a
teak deck. Look for her in San Francisco Bay.

I have located an individual to buy, and to completely restore CYANE,
PCC #17 back to her original condition. The quality of craftsmanship for
the restoration will be professional, and of the highest standards. The
first phase of the restoration will take place on site in Maine. The
second phase of the restoration is scheduled to take place in either
Rhode Island, or San Francisco. CYANE was one of two PCCs that were
originally located on the East Coast. CYANE’s original owner was Henry
B. duPont, of Delaware.

I have negotiated the purchase of BELLE of the WEST, PCC #19, the second
of two PCCs that were originally located on the East Coast. BELLE of the
WEST won the SORC in 1950. The boat is currently in storage in Idaho.
She will be transported to Port Townsend, Washington in July.
The quality of craftsmanship for the restoration will be professional,
and of the highest standards. The restoration project will be done in
conjunction with the Classic Yacht Foundation.


RICOCHET, PCC #21. The boat is currently located in Vancouver, B.C.,
Canada. Contact the owner
Gordon McRae at [email protected] for details and asking price.

RICOCHET is currently the only PCC for sale. All PCCs that were known to
be in the need of restoration are currently in the process of
restoration by individuals that have the time, money, and interest to
complete a professional result.


Original equipment from PCC #23
Sails (new), winches, deck hardware, port holes, etc. All inventory is
located in Hawaii.
Contact Alex Libbrecht at [email protected]
Original equipment from PCC #23
Canvas that can be raised by the main topping lift that provides
complete coverage from sun, etc. for the entire cockpit: $75 (all
materials cost roughly $1,000)

150%, and 170% U.S. Sail Genoa: $400 each (completely overhauled and
found to have no rips, or blemishes, approx. 8 years old, but never
used, as the previous owner never sailed in such light air.

Contact Josh Berglund  at [email protected] or (714) 292-7572
for the gear mentioned above. Equipment located in San Francisco.
Original PCC equipment from PCC #18:
Mast w/ standing rigging $3,500
boom $750
winches, deck hardware, etc. TBA
Contact Steve Barber at [email protected] or (916) 847-9064
Equipment located in Los Angeles.

Kettenburg Burgee: High quality white nylon with Kettenburg logo (red
“K” in a red simi-circle) $30.00 Contact Steve Barber at
[email protected] or (916) 847-9064


The Master Mariners Regatta, hosted by the San Francisco Bay Master
Mariners Benevolent Association.

The 16th Annual Newport Harbor Heritage Regatta, co-hosted by the Wooden
Hill Yacht Club, and the Bahia Corinthian Yacht Club. The event will
coincide with BCYC Leukemia Cup Regatta.

The Kettenburg Regatta is being held June 7th in San Diego. This event
will be hosted by the Ancient Mariners Sailing Society, and the
Southwestern Yacht Club. The PCCYRA will arrange to include the 2009 PCC
 Nationals with this event, if enough owners enter.

The 32nd Annual McNish Classic Wooden Yacht Race, hosted by the Pacific
Corinthian Yacht Club.

The 6 Meter Worlds, 8 Meter Worlds, and 12 Meter Worlds are being held
in Newport, RI this September. To my knowledge, these three events have
never been held together in the same year, and the same location, let
alone the same month in the United States. It is even more rare for the
8 Meters to hold a regatta outside of Europe. If you plan to go to
Newport for any of these regattas, make reservations early. This is a
once in a life time opportunity to see these beautifully restored
classic yachts racing in a “full on” regatta at the “home” of the
America’s Cup.

The Jessica Cup is being held this October in San Francisco. This event
is hosted by the St. Francis Yacht Club, and the Master Mariners
Benevolent Society. The PCCYRA will arrange to include the 2009 PCC
Nationals with this event, if it isn’t held in San Diego, and if enough
owners enter.

Contact me for additional information regarding any of these races.

Until next time, sail on................