November, 2009

Greetings to current and former Kettenburg PCC owners, and friends:


SELENE, PCC #3 owned by David Rice lost her mast during the PCC National
Championship in June. The mast broke at the deck, and no one was
injured. David reports that the cause of the break was from what he
thinks was a glue failure. He is now in the process of having a new mast

A few years ago, JANLEY, PCC #14 owned by Chris Museler at the time lost
her mast because the standing rigging was too tight. Chris also had a
new mast built. Be sure and take the time to check your mast and boom
carefully for any potential glue failure, and be sure your standing
rigging is loose. Tip bend is not an issue. Breaking a mast or boom is
both expensive, as well as dangerous.


Archie Contreras reports that the restoration on BALLERINA, PCC #12 is
scheduled to now include a teak deck. Archie has made every effort to
raise the bar with regard to restoration excellence and quality of

Not to be out done, Tom Pier also from San Francisco reports that he too
is planning on installing a teak deck on ROBIN, PCC #8 by sometime next

As earlier reported, I have purchased  BELLE of the WEST, PCC #19, the
second of two PCCs that were originally located on the East Coast. BELLE
of the WEST won the SORC in 1950. I bought BELLE as a way of saving the
boat because the previous owned had lost interest in finishing the
restoration. The restoration will  continue next Spring. The restoration
project will be completed by David Caissie either in place, or at a West
Coast location. BELLE’s hull is in excellent condition. There are no
broken ribs or sistered ribs. The mast and the boom have also been
re-glued. Anyone interested in purchasing BELLE in her current condition
should contact me directly for more details at (206) 437-6290 or
[email protected] The asking price for BELLE when the restoration is
completed will be $100,000.


RICOCHET, PCC #21. The boat is currently located in Vancouver, B.C.,
Canada. Contact the owner
Gordon McRae at [email protected] for details and asking price.

RICOCHET and BELLE of the WEST are currently the only PCCs for sale. All
PCCs that were known to be in the need of restoration are currently in
the process of restoration by individuals that have the time, money, and
interest to complete a professional result.


Original PCC equipment from PCC #18:
Mast w/ standing rigging $3,500
boom $750
winches, deck hardware, etc. TBA
Contact Steve Barber at [email protected] or (916) 847-9064

Kettenburg Burgee: High quality white nylon with Kettenburg logo (red
“K” in a red simi-circle) $30.00 Contact Steve Barber at
[email protected] or (916) 847-9064



The Kettenburg Regatta was held June 7th in San Diego. This event was
hosted by the Ancient Mariners Sailing Society, and the Southwestern
Yacht Club. The 2009 PCC  National Championship was included with this

The 2009 PCC National Championship was won by COMANCHE, PCC #22 owned by
Rick Reynolds. Congratulations to Rick, who sailed an excellent series.
LARK, PCC #16 owned by Jean Alexander took second place, and SELENE, PCC
#3 owned by David Rice took third place. There were excellent racing
conditions, and extremely close competition.


The Jessica Cup was  held October 17th and 18th in San Francisco. This
event was hosted by the St. Francis Yacht Club, and the Master Mariners
Benevolent Society. ROBIN, PCC #8 owned by Tom Pier took first place in
her class. Congratulations to Tom on his win. There was great weather,
and a nice stiff breeze. It was a please for me to be aboard LARK and
ROBIN at both of these events.

Until next time, sail on................