Recently, Rish Pavelec (SDYC PC Fleet member), began a movement to restore PC #8 WINGS and donate her to the museum. The letter below details the project. Others wishing to make a donation to the restoration or offer photo or memoribilia can contact Rish directly.

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May 20, 2001

The Restoration of PC WINGS

In the late 1920's, the concept of the Kettenburg "Pacific Class" one design racing yacht was developed by George Kettenburg Jr. Mr. Kettenburg's design was the answer to the request of his close friends, SC Joe Jessop and SC George Jessop, to build a "one design" class of wooden racing yachts that could compete in Southern California waters. Because of the PC popularity, Kettenburg Boatworks, located at Commercial Basin adjoining Roseville, continued to build these beautiful yachts into the early 50's. Since that time, the PC fleet has been a very successful and active presence at many yacht clubs along the west coast, with the heart of the fleet at the San Diego Yacht Club. The PC was the first successful wooden racing yacht built for southern California waters. Seventy years have gone by and these vessels are still the pride of many clubs and harbors from Alaska to Southern California.

Though these vessels have always had strong representation, within the last several years, we have seen a resurgence of interest in these lovely yachts. Our San Diego fleet has grown to 24 vessels. Readers of my monthly "MAINSHEET" PC Fleet articles know that there are presently 5 PCs undergoing full restoration locally. Through my research, I have been able to identify 50 of these vessels and have listed them on the official Kettenburg Boats web site (

PC #8 was built for San Diego builder, Mr. Ed Depew in 1931 and soon sold to SC Geo. Carter Jessop Sr.. Mr. Jessop, a son of the founder of the Jessop jewelry business, was a driving force in the business for many years. A native of San Diego, he loved the water and, as a young man, showed his talent in long distance swimming, rowing and eventually sailing. A member of the San Diego Yacht Club, in 1930 he commissioned PC #4 JEAN, which he sailed in the 1931 S Class/PC regatta in the Hawaiian Islands. Along with friends and brother Joe, he too fell in love with the lines of the PC and, upon returning from the Islands, bought hull # 8, WINGS, from Mr. Depew. After many years of sailing and having won many regattas at the helm of this glorious boat, she was sold to his friend Mr. Jack Bone Sr. Mr. Bone was in the dry goods business in downtown San Diego and friends with the Kettenburgs and Jessops. As a member of the yacht club, he was soft spoken but took his racing quite seriously. His passion for speed on the water led him to purchasing WINGS, with which he proved to be quite competitive in the 1940's, and until she eventually made her way to the tiller hand of Mr. Paul Hartley Sr. Mr. Hartley was founder of the Hartley real estate business, past San Diego city councilman, a past "Mister San Diego" and, (at one time) acting San Diego mayor. Articles from the San Diego Union Tribune will attest to Mr. Hartley's love of taking youngsters out on WINGS, to teach them the pleasures of sailing. The Hartley family continued this tradition until they gave the yacht to the to the SDMM. Last year, the San Diego Maritime Museum (due to storage costs and available funding) was forced to relinquish title of PC #8 WINGS. The choice was to scuttle the boat or find someone who would help save her, thus the vessel was given to me. I elected to accept title of WINGS, in order to save this vessel (which I believe to be the oldest PC in existence). I have always hoped that she would be returned to the SDMM fully restored. The time has come to move forward with this goal.

I have recently met with Mr. Ray Ashley (Executive Director of the SDMM) who informed me that the museum board has voted to donate $25,000.00 toward the restoration costs and will be pleased to accept title of the restored yacht. The Kettenburg family has also made a contribution to help with the project.

To date, we have developed the following plan:

  1. Once the restoration plan is defined by a group of veteran PC skippers and approved by the SDMM advisors, title of the vessel will be given back to the SDMM.
  2. The SDMM will offer legal aid to monitor the holding of funds and dispensing there of.
  3. Tax-deductible contributions (made to the "SDMM-PC #8 Restoration Project") will be acknowledged by a letter from the museum defining your gift.
  4. I will monitor spending throughout the restoration, offering receipts to the museum for reimbursement from collected funds.
  5. The restoration will be performed at the Koehler Kraft yard under the direction of C. F. Koehler. Mr. Koehler (SDYC Flag Member) has, to date, restored 2 PC's using the proven fiberglass rope/epoxy method and is in the process of restoring two others, with yet two additional PC's to follow. Mr. Koehler has successfully demonstrated his skills with the restoration of PC # 63 PUFF (1947), 1929 John Alden yawl NERISSA, 6 Meter yachts SPRIG (1931) and SELEMA (1929) and PC #40 CELESTE (1946).
  6. Upon completion of the restoration, the vessel will be returned to the SDMM and placed on display to the public. Mr. Ashley and I have discussed assorted possibilities as to how and where WINGS will be displayed. Possibilities include the Lindbergh Field Airport (adjacent to the Spirit of St. Louis) and the Embarcadero. In any case, the vessel will be restored to her appearance the day she was launched in 1931. Restoration will include modern materials to insure that the vessel will last for generations to enjoy. She will be displayed to the general public inside and protected until a new Maritime Museum building is completed.

This task will not be easy or inexpensive. The vessel is in very poor shape with hardware, deck, cabin and cockpit pieces absent. I have discussed the restoration with SC Paul Kettenburg, SC Gene Trepte and Tom Kettenburg, all of whom are very supportive of this project and have agreed to aid in council.

As you can see, this effort has strong support of the San Diego Maritime Museum as well as notable PC enthusiasts and the local sailing community. I would hope that members of the SDYC would also find the project worthy of support.

Please feel free to contact me should you have period hardware, plans, photos, newspaper articles or a willingness to contribute financially toward the project. Your tax-deductible contributions may be sent directly to the SDMM. A special "Restoration Advisory Committee" will be appointed, comprised of those individuals donating $1,000.00 or more to the fund. We will soon begin to schedule meetings in order to define restoration details.

This project is very important, not only to the SDYC and its history, but to the San Diego Maritime Museum and the City of San Diego, as well. I will make myself available as necessary to address any questions you might have.

Thank you for your anticipated encouragement and support.

Richard S. "Rish" Pavelec
Telephone 619-275-3126
SDYC Flag Member
PC Fleet

SC Paul Kettenburg     SC Gene Trepte     Tom Kettenburg