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Yet another indication that a network of wooden hull adherants is badly needed has come our way.  This time it's a Kettenburg 50 in need of a new patron.  The boat is available gratis.  The current owner tells me that there are no liens or monies owed.  It is located in the boatyard at Channel Islands (Oxnard).  The 353 diesel removed from her goes with the deal, but ought not go back in her.  $1000 in wood was just purchased to replace 14 ribs and 4 planks.  Some corking and caulking remains to be completed.  The boat has an aluminum mast as whe lost her original to a bridge in New Zealand about 20 years ago.  If a new owner is not found before the end of December………  Yard lay day costs are $675 a month.  The current boatwright estimates that $40K would finish the job.  As I do not know his rates I don't know what that translates to in terms of hours.

 The current owner seeks to become a missionary on behalf of his religious beliefs, thought that the K-50 was suitable, but has acquired a larger boat.  His mission departure plans do not include finishing the K50 and getting her sold.

 You can see the boat at

Do to special circumstances I had to haul Irish Mist and return to the
states. She has been out of the water since mid-January and needs some
TLC. Some of the equipment has been removed, but she is still well
equipped. All equipment was working before the haulout.I have reduced
the price to $30,000 and have informed the broker that I would consider
any offer. If in the next 2 weeks she does not sell, I was planning on
just turning her over to the boat yard. The only thing owed to the yard
would be the rate for the travel lift for hauling. On June 7 the monthly
storage payment of $400 is due. I though that maybe someone in the
association would be interested. There is no more time for advertising.
Irish Mist is located in La Paz, B.C.S., Mexico. She had been in charter
through 08.

Jim Hughes

These photos were taken right before hauling out.

Built in 1964. Her hull is like new condition. Detroit diesel, generator, new battery banks. Fresh bottom paint.
No price or hull # indicated.
Please contact Cabrillo Yachts, CA, 619-523-1745
Source: WoodenBoat magazine May/June 2000

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