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NOTICE: This message board is here for your use, education and pleasure in furthurance of the mission of this webpage. Given that we live in a very litigation oriented culture it is probably appropriate that some sort of disclaimer be stated outright, even though it ought to be obvious. To wit: this webpage was created for the education and enjoyment and preservation of Bear Boats and their owners. The costs of creating it and maintaining it are currently coming out of the pocket of one of those owners, although many others have made and continue to make valuable and meaningful contributions to the page. The pocket that is currently paying for this webpage is not deep enough to be liable for the accuracy of any information, advice, suggestions, practices, descriptions etc. etc. ad nauseum. Accordingly, I, Steve Barber, disclaim any responsibility or liability for things that people do to or with their boats because of something they read, heard about, or otherwise came to understand by encountering this webpage!

NOTE THIS ESPECIALLY: This webpage provides a resource to owners. It is not intended to or designed to nor should it be considered to replace the advice and services of professional woodworkers and boatwrights. Au contraire, it is the hope and intent of the owners who initiated this webpage that such professionals take advantage of this page as a resource to demonstrate their professional expertise and to support, in their unique ways, the continued presence on the boating scene and pleasure of owning Bear boats.

As the generation(s) who originally and subsequently enjoyed Bear Boats pass from the scene and others begin taking on their legacy, we need to acquire the knowledge and experience they accumulated. Accordingly, please use this message board and others which appear throughout this webpage so that the current and subsequent owners of Bear Boats can develop and sustain a strong knowledge base about these vessels.

We will post inquiries and responses unedited. In order to add to our continued learning until such time as the volume of material accumulated becomes unwieldly, we will not remove the inquires and responses from the message board.

We remain open to your suggestions as to how to continue to improve this cyberspace effort to network and inform.

Thank you!!!