WANTED: I'm looking for a Kettenburg project boat that can be used for coastal cruising (Vancouver Island area); The bigger the better. I own several Folkboats but they are a little bit cramped for coastal cruising.
Contact: James Conachen at (208) 610-8661

Greetings !!!

I've got two young sons---ages 6 & 9---who I would DEARLY like to 
learn to sail with here in San Diego, & preferably in a Kettenburg 
boat.  In fact, come to think of it, I'D like to learn to sail, 
myself---one challenge in writing "Building Kettenburgs" was the 
degree to which I was afraid I 'd have to pretend I knew what I was 
talking about to old sailors who I feared (falsely, as it turned out) 
might rattle on about their exploits.  All the Old Timers actually 
treated me awfully well.

At any rate, the STARLET class sounds about perfect for my boys & I-- -
a boat that's lightweight, easy to tow behind a car, & (not to 
mention!) which earned a historic place of its own.

The question is, are there any STARLETS still out there, still 
floating around (hopefully!) someplace???


Mark Allen, [email protected]