2006 Kettenburg Regatta

Kettenburg owners... The 2006 Regatta will be held on the 1st Sunday in June. Please mark your calendar for June 4th. This is an important event for all of us as it helps sustain the reputation and visibility of the Kettenburg marque. PLEASE register early for this event. Organizer Tom Sterling (K-50) that late entries cause havoc with ordering food for the weekend’s events, having participation plaques made up, and ordering appropriate trophies. Your early entry makes for a much smoother event all around.

Tom is usually able to arrange for guest berthing at the Southwest Yacht Club. The San Diego Yacht Club has been able to accommodate out of town boats as well... If notified in advance. Your early entry will help Tom make arrangements with the Southwest YC to accommodate visiting Kettenburgs.

Steve Barber

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